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business or is there bad blood between san jose and these neighboring cities? >> reporter: no, no bad blood at all, raj. these police chiefs across the area know what they're doing. san jose's assistant police chief takes issue with the word "disgruntled." but i spoke with several of her officers off-camera and they tell me disgruntled is probably an understatement. meanwhile, the police chief in redwood city says his door is always open for any officer who wants to leave san jose. he sits in the big chair now, but before being sworn in as chief in redwood city last year, junior was a decorated officer who climbed the ranks in san jose. >> san jose is a great department. >> reporter: which is why by the end of december, he will likely have hired 11 officers from san jose, men and women with enviable credentials. cops tired of the low morale and low pay at san jose p.d. >> imagine all that experience on a midnight shift when an officer from redwood city that might have five or six years on it, it's a win-win. >> reporter: but it's a huge loss for san jose. some of its finest, y
, mostly clear skies, patchy fog tonight. quick check shows us 65, san francisco, 69, san jose, and low 70s inland. and tonight, patchy fog will set up. and notice the sunrise, 6:39 tomorrow morning, an hour earlier due to the time change tonight as we roll back the clocks. so the morning starts off with fog, take a look for the afternoon, 80s in the forecast, low 80s outside for your sunday. and temperatures warm up even more as we get into the work week. and we could actually break records for heat, if you want to call it that in november. the seven-day forecast has plenty of changes, including a chance of rain later next week. we'll walk through the timing in all the rapid changes coming up in the forecast. >>> and coming up next at 6:00. if you this i about buying the new ipad mini, you wouldn't want to miss the earlier consumer reviews. what people are saying the day after apple's new release. >>> and there is a scavenger hunt going on in the bay area having a little to do with baseball. >>> and the start of the season could be delayed again, horrible news for businesses in downtown sa
who will be san jose's top cop? crime is high and nbc has learned of two names that may potentially replace him. one is the chief from fresno. another is sacramento chief brazil. brazil is set to retire next month. marianne joins us with the latest on the search. >> reporter: in just a few minutes at 6:30 you can come to the community center and voice your opinion about ha type of qualities you would like to see in the new san jose police chief. it's the first of several throughout the city. >> san jose's new top cop will grapple with rising crime, shrinking budgets and declining moral. that's just the beginning. the last four police chiefs have all come from within the department. some say it's time to try a new approach. >> the problems need to be solved by an outsider who will take a fresh look at the way business is done in san jose. >> kenneth kelly, a former board member of san jose crime stoppers hopes the new police chief will commit to staying on the job at least five years. >> we need to hire a police chief who really understands diversity. who really gets the notion. this
only on nbc bay area. he's charged with murder and for starting a gunfight with san jose police. today jonathan which will banks said nothing in court. he lowered his head during his arraignment. however, his brother is speaking out to us. nbc bay area in that courtroom as the suspect faced the judge for the first time today. >> reporter: well, raj, jonathan which will banks did not look very menacing in court today, but police say he is a cold-blooded killer, be and they are still looking for a second man who they say helped him. he lowered his head for most of the hearing. the lawyer for jonathan which will banks explained the posture outside the courtroom. >> i would say extremely remorseful. >> reporter: remorseful for what, sir? which will banks is charged with killing a carjacking victim and then going on a crime spree that ended in a shoot-out with san jose police. >> someone who would do something like this. >> reporter: in an exclusive interview, which will banks' younger brother couldn't answer if he thought which will banks was capable of such violence. eric which will banks
's going to be cold with some wind. that's coming up. >>> a san jose firefighter is recovering after a ceiling collapsed on him as he was fighting a three-alarm fire. it broke out around 8:00 last night. the flames raced through four apartments and damaged two others. a water logged ceiling broke loose and fell on the 16-year veteran. >> he was injured by a piece of large sheetrock, a ceiling that had fallen in when he was in the stairwell. so it had fallen from a considerable height. >> the firefighter was rushed to a nearby hospital with a concussion and fractured vertebrae. officials believe the fire was accidental. >>> memorial services will be held tomorrow for a young man who was shot and killed last week in apattempted carjacking in san jose. 22-year-old rory park was killed by two armed robbers who went on a crime spree in san jose on november 16. they are accused of murder, robbing four east san jose businesses, and having a shootout with police that left one officer hurt. jonathan willbanks is in custody. a donation fund has been set up for the victim's burial costs. >>> po
robbery and attempted murder. san jose police have been looking for the suspect since last week after police say he and 26-year-old jonathan wilbanks and started a shoot-out with police that injured an officer. the teen's alleged accomplice wilbanks was arrested on november 16th, the night of the incident. today a memorial was held for rory parkpettiford. the 22-year-old was shot during the pair's attempted carjacking in a 7-eleven store in the 400 block of kieley boulevard. his brother says he is grateful the second suspect is behind bars. he also says he is overwhelmed with the outpouring of support from the community as the family comes to term with their loss. >> the plane flight back from hawaii to come bury my little brother was probably the longest five hours of my life, just sitting on the plane, just bawling my eyes out. and everyone is looking at me like who is this kid. it was absolutely terrible. i had to figure out what i was going to write on the plane, what i was going to say. it was really rough. but all the support is amazing. >> police say they're continuing to
in sunnyvale marianne favro, nbc bay area news. >>> more san jose police officers are resigning fed up with lower wages and benefits. in the last two weeks alone, eight more officers announced they are leaving the department. nbc bay's damian trujillo joins us from headquarters. not long ago, this was among the best departments in the country. where is it going from here? >> reporter: morale asinking here and it's been difficult. it remains a strong department but getting more and more difficult by the moment. the chief sent this memo to city hall, alerting them that the number of officers he has available to suit up has dropped to less than 1,000. that number alarming to those victims of crime and to those still here on the force. the robbers haven't been back to the west coast wheels and tire shop in san jose but left an impression with one of the workers tied with duct tape and held at gun point while they em tied the cash register. >> i think about it all the time. >> reporter: police haven't caught the bad guys, with fewer investigators they may never. for the first time in a long
following a murder in san jose. it happened this morning at a quiet south san jose neighborhood. details coming in this evening about a possible get away car. a woman found dead inside of her home. the call came to 911 from the home itself. this is in blossom valley district. significant delay in the police response. nbc bay area's reporter has been following the story from the beginning. what do we know tonight? >> well we, have just learned, raj, police now have a murder suspect. he is 50-year-old troy nacen sdmrchltnacenzo. he lived in the home. some one called 911 at 5:38. didn't speak and hung up. when no one answered a call back from dispatch, officers showed up to the house at 6:44. nearly an hour later to investigate. >> responding to earlier this morning, prevented us coming in a timely manner to this event, was a series of accidents along santa theresa. one of the vehicles had driven into a house. >> when they did arrive, police had to wait an hour for animal control officers to remove a rotweiller and another dog so they could enter the unlocked home. that's when they found th
-old from san jose will be eligible for the death penalty. it habit yet decided whether to seek putting him on death row. he is due in court tomorrow on a list of charges including murder, robbery and attempted murder of a police officer. he and a 26-year-old man robbed four businesses earlier this month and shot a campbell man as they were trying to car jack him. they shot and wounded a san jose police officer. the man who fired the shot is still at large. luckily the officer wasn't hurt and doesn't know if he wounded the suspected. investigators say he pulled over a tan 1996 honda. the car was later found nearby and turned out to be a stolen vehicle. >> it's a bizarre crime. two men pointing a gun. those men have been arrested now. both of oakland. they were taken into custody last night. cell phone video seen right here shows that when the incident started around 4:00 yesterday afternoon, the two men were driving erratically on high street in oakland. a couple in another car started recording them to report to police. the men noticed this and then tried to get the phone, but were unsucce
favro is live in san jose. it's not sitting well with parents. >> reporter: no it really is not, jessica. the registered sex offender was volunteering here at this parish last month during a church festival. parents tell me there were hundreds of kids at that festival. when deputies questioned him, he produced a letter from the church that gave him authorization to be here at the school. tonight, both sheriff's deputies and the diocese are investigating that letter. >> the controversy centers over whether this man is a registered sex offender convicted of child molestation should have been volunteering in san jose at a pair irn. a parent alerted a sheriff's deputy working security that he was a sex offender. >> our deputy made contact with the man who was cooperative throughout the incident. made contact with mr. gear i. he did acknowledge that he was a sex registrant. our deputy confirmed it through dispatch. however, mr. gear i provided information that he had permission to be on school grounds by way of a letter from church officials that gave him permission to be there. >> surprising
, after police say two classmates repeatedly stabbed him at his family's south san jose home. his family hopes -- holds a candlelight vigil every year to spread the message stand up and use your voice against bullying. they year they're waiting for justice. >> not here physically with us. he'll always be a part of our family. >> it is three years later, but there's still a family here. and we will always remember michael. we are going to stay here and fight for justice. >> reporter: the family is awaiting the teens, jay williams and randy thompson, to be brought to trial. thompson who was 16 and williams who was 15 at the time of the killing are both being charged as adults. their next court appearance on s on november 26. since their preliminary hearing in october of 2010, there have been a number of continuances that have delayed this trial. live in san jose tonight, kimberly tere, nbc bay area news. >> thank you. >>> we have new information tonight in the search for a killer in the south bay, as well. police in san jose say they found the body of 50-year-old troy navenzo this afternoo
area. couldn't do it without the help of volunteers such as the students from branham high in san jose. [ crickets chirping ] [ traffic passing ] ♪ [ music box: lullaby ] [ man on tv, indistinct ] ♪ [ lullaby continues ] [ baby coos ] [ man announcing ] millions are still exposed to the dangers... of secondhand smoke... and some of them can't do anything about it. ♪ [ continues ] [ gasping ] >>> there is no let-up in air assaults in gaza. 160 rockets were launched into israel. two aimed at tel aviv. in return, israel carried out 300 air strikes in the gaza strip. one hit the prime minister headquarters and another a police compound. 46 palestinians and three israelis have been killed since fighting began wednesday. >>> here at home, pressure on to avoid the fiscal cliff. which would raise taxes on the majority of americans and cut spending across the board starting january 1. republicans who hatch been against tax hikes say they're now willing to talk about increasing revenue, democrats, oppose cuts to programs such as social security, are recognizing they'll have to give a lit t
this weekend. as we saw here at christmas in the park in downtown san jose, you'll likely be rewarded with short lines and plenty of elbow room. i asked the parade chairman if he really thought that they would see the crowds out here on saturday for the parade. even though it will be raining very strongly. and he said, look, there are hundreds of kids in this parade and parents will do a lot to see their kids. and raj, as parents, i know we can relate to that. >> absolutely. we'll see everyone out there. thank you. all this wet weather reportedly force ad brown pelican off course and into the backyard of a home in santa cruz. the wild rescue organization said it is very unusual to find a brown pelican in this area. they said the bird is weak and dehydrated and it was probably blown off course or simply confused. a look outside at downtown san francisco. it is beautiful. you can see we are on storm watch and we'll continue to track the weather throughout this newscast and this evening. remember, for the latest weather jump dates, you can also go to and you can send us y
in the right direction. >> reporter: the registrar's office in san jose has been processing mail-in ballots for a couple of weeks. 20,000 ballots come in ever day. in the south bay those voting by mail outnumber people that go to the polls on election day. 74% of people in santa clara county now choose to vote by mail. >> it's been very busy. we actually had the weekend voting the past two weekends. >> reporter: that means ne thes scanning machines are counting all the early votes, and they're hard at work tuesday night scanning the ballots that come in from the polls. >> i love to strovote in this country. early voting is wonderful. >> reporter: a new experience for this new american. it was like this at 12:00 today and like this at 6:00. steady flow of voters who want fob counted. we're live in san jose, "nbc bay area news." >> thank you. >>> of course, we invite you tyy stay with number bay area for all the news. we'll have more coverage at 6:30, including a look at prop 36 which would change the three stiks law. >>> it's a verdict that brought a south bay principal to tears and one with
in san jose. the crew is dead on tonight. ed, eva, and will back in the control room saying we have an awesome camera in san jose. look at these clouds starting to roll on in. the clouds lowering, a sign of some of those showers that will be here eventually as we head into the overnight hours. thank you so much, guys, back in the control room. always working hard. this slow-moving system is gradually going to be pushing to the south throughout tomorrow morning. so overall, totals will be all right. they're not going to be as heavy as last friday and saturday. looking for about 0.25 to 0.50 inches of rainfall. throughout tonight, we'll find these showers starting to push off to the south. by 11:00 p.m., south bay might still be on the dry side. we may not even get any showers in the south of the east bay until 5:00 a.m. for tomorrow. if you're doing any traveling, looks like clear weather building in throughout 1:00 and 2:00 p.m. for tomorrow. some sunny skies throughout wednesday afternoon. more coming up in the seven-day forecast later on the show. back to you. >> okay. see you sho
inside of a local ipo. >> reporter: i'm dame en. we're live at san jose's evergreen school district. why parents say they will no longer be coaching sports. >> announcer: closed captioning provided by frontier ford. >>> now a story you'll only see on nbc bay area. students could be forced to cancel an upcoming season. >> teachers decided they will only work in the classroom and not coach sports teams. it's called teaching to the contract and it's a dangerous step closer to actually initiating a strike. they've been watching the negotiations of the evergreen school district over the last few weeks. he joins us live from district headquarters. these are tough times, dame en. >> yeah, teachers are very angry. the impetus was an impasse that was declared by the school district so the district virtually closed the door on any negotiations and called in a mediator. so for now the basketball season and all other extracurricular activities are on virtual hold. >> they play outside the gym at the middle school. chances are they might have to wait a while before the lobos suit up for any official
ranieri live in san jose where brandon high is getting into the spirit, the giving spirit tonight. >> let's stop hunger. let's stop hunger! let's stop hunger! >>> good news, bad news for lovers of bay area dung juness crab. the good news, there will be crab by the end of the week. the bad news, fans may have to fork over a bit more money for it. >> if you're a dungeoness crab lover, then this is exactly the scene you want to see two days before the start of the commercial season. winches loading boats with crab pots. fork lifts racing about, and yesterday's fish becoming tomorrow's bait. >> everybody is just doing their final preparations, moving drops and trying to get organized for tomorrow. >> reporter: things around fishermen's wharf didn't look like this last year at this time. a price dispute between fishermen and processors kept the boats at the docks and thanksgiving without local crab. >> the impact was no business. they held out until after thanksgiving so they lost all of thanksgiving. >> reporter: so there was a sigh of relief yesterday when fishermen and processors agreed on
at this hour. we're back in a moment. >>> san jose police say the man they've arrested for having a pipe bomb is not cooperating. he has been booked into the county jail. amateur video shows the scene where he was arrested last night at north first street near 101. here's that video. this is next to the new m8trix casino. two officers with the merge unit, san jose's version of s.w.a.t., pulled over mcgill's van for a traffic violation. >> i noticed that he was exhibiting the objective symptoms of narcotics influence. and so that of course led them to kind of pull him out of the vehicle and once they conducted a vehicle search, they located what they believe to be a pipe bomb. of course they backed out. >> officers then cleared the area and called in the bomb squad which confirmed, it was a live pipe bomb. shortly after they safely destroyed it. >>> some closure in the case of a homeless woman who was stabbed to death on a san jose sidewalk in august. for nearly three months after her violent murder interesting elderly woman was unidentified. she had been a fixture in the west san carlos stree
and is live in san jose. how widespread is this problem? >> reporter: it's estimated there are hundreds of thousands of untested rape kits across the country waiting to be processed. but here in california, it's a different story. >> these are sealed and bind over to the police officer waiting for it. >> reporter: linda richards is a program manager for the sexual assault response team. she is also one of the nurses who performs extensive forensic exams on rape victims in santa clara county. >> it's not unusual to receive a phone call from a patient a week or so after and say you know, what did you find out about the swabs that came from my body. >> richards says the turnaround is about two months which is good considering the backlog in some states can force victims to wait years for the results. figures show in 2010 the state of illinois had processed just 20% of its rape kits. and in one county in michigan more than 11,000 rape kits were discovered untested. some dating back to the 1980s. the obstacle for many is the expense, processing one kit costs between 1200 and $3500. >> until
. nbc's bay area stephanie trong is live in san jose, and the results deepening the ridge between the city and the union. >> that's right, very polarized sides of this situation. the mayor shaep because the two candidates he wanted were voted in yesterday. they will help keep the vote for issues like fiscal and pension reform in his favor. in the meantime, the issue of pension reform has already been tied up in the courts and will likely be that way possibly for years to come. >> don't vote for people who do ugly things. >> reporter: we've heard the back and forth between city hall and the unions. >> we'll be fighting them. >> reporter: tuesday's city council winners seem to be deepening the divide. the union tried to knock out herrera to gain control of the city. >> they reversed the work on pension reform. it was the meanest, most deceptive campaigns ever run. >> we want them to be one of the most honest council. i don't think we have that right now. >> reporter: she says there needs to be more willingness to talk. as the court considers the half a dozen lawsuits, they need more
that we had today to quite a bit of warmth. down san jose to 66 today up into the low 80s by parts of your weekend and hotter than that coming as we looked ahead into next week. let's take you outside of the live hd sky-cam ra network and this is a newly minted camera from emoriville looking into the city of san francisco and you can see the progress on the new span of the bay bridge and also down in the south bay in san jose, city lights shining bright, clear skies and for the most part you'll start to see the cloud cover move back and traffic moving along smoothly here throughout central and downtown san jose. we have the storm system we're following and the cold front that dragged its treat and it was only moving at 15 to 25 miles per hour last night and that's why it hung around 18 hours across northern california. that all moves off, high pressure moves offshore and over the next 48 hours, it's not going to get hot for us and eventually as we head throughout sunday, monday, tuesday and wednesday of next week. get the barbecues out and maybe the pool is still warm enough and it looks l
are watching very closely. >> when this woman was principal in san jose, a 8-year-old student reported unusual activity. and now she faces six months in jail if a jury finds her guilty of failing to report suspected child abuse that happened in a classroom during october of last year. >>> police later arrested the girl's teacher. craig chandler, charging him with committing lude acts on five children. this is the second time that prosecutors have gone after a local educator for not reporting the abuse. >> she allowed him to continue as a teacher in a classroom that gave him access to a child and ultimated resulted in that child's mole station. she did interview the child and took notes and recorded that chandler put something in her mouth and wiggled her body back and forth. a lot of other people knew about chandler's behavior and also did not believe anything sexual was going on. in a statement he said that we are confident when all the evidence is examined she will be cleared of any wrongdoing. licensed therapist said regardless of the verdict, this case has the ability to encourage mandator
on the sidelines. and they take it very seriously here at san jose state and, by the way, no word on when alex smith might return to the football field. we're live in south tampa bay. i'm damian trujillo. >>> a case of road rage escalated today. two cars collided in greenwood drive in a neighborhood north of san pablo. the chp says both drivers got out of the car and started arguing and then suddenly one man pulled out a gun and shot the other. that gunman did run off, and was hospitalized but is expect ed t survive. >> the driver who lost control of his car was arrested on suspicion of felony driving under the influence. this is what the car ended up looking like. it plunged 5 feet onto highway 80 land iing on its roof. the overpass when it crashed through a guardrail. the driver and the 21-year-old passenger are amazingly only suffered minor injuries. still trying to figure out why they went so fast over that overpass. >>> california will roll out a historic cap and trade program this week. on wednesday the state will auction off pollution permits with allowances including electric companies
to do anything we can to help the family. >> reporter: moved by the heartbreak san jose police officer mobilized and offered up the services of his fundraising website called health his goal was $2000 and the donations have exceeded that mark. >> when you think about it that is why we took the job, not to wear the shiny star and the uniform. that is all secondary. we took the job because it has a purpose and a meaning. >> reporter: he says the family is still in pain but comforted by all the outpouring of support from strangers. >> i talk to his brother and his mom and they have been very, very supportive and appreciative of what we have done. >> reporter: for rory's murder willbanks can face the death penalty. at 15 years old his age saves williford from facing the death chambers. he will be back in court on december 5. both are being held without bail. we're live at the hall of justice in san jose. >>> more than a year later the case is closed. three santa clara sheriffs deputies have been cleared of any wrong doing for opening fire on a gunman who went on a shooting spree
Search Results 0 to 23 of about 24